I love art in many forms and have spent many years learning it.  Photography was first used  for my original paintings.  After my AA work in Fine Art, Media and Multimedia was my focus for my BFA with an emphasis in interactive art.  I immediately started working in the field as a web and graphic design and worked my way up to Creative Director.  I had started teaching before I finished my degrees and continued to do a few classes while working in the corporate world as well as educational.  I have taught at UCSD Extension, and DAC, Adult School and High School.  I find teaching keeps me learning and has made me be more proficient at the corporate and professional work.  When I had my child I went back to school for an MA in Educational Technology I soon transferred over to Cross Cultural Education to be more connected with students. While teaching and doing my own photography business has been wonderful, my child is almost grown and it is time to continue to expand knowledge and skills in the corporate world after 20 years of teaching. .  I have over 16 years experience in professional photography.  20 years has been involved in teaching art, photography, design, multimedia and I have run a successful Marketing Internship program with businesses and students working together as well has have had many years in Marketing and Design.  I may have a diverse background but it definitely crosses over into each other in a very complimentary way.  

In my spare time I love to travel, hike and take landscape photos of those places.